We work closely with our customers to analyze their processes in order to propose solutions that meet their needs at a competitive cost and the higher quality.

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 Alprema is a Mexican company with sales offices in El Paso, TX, USA, specialized in design, industrial automation and machining.

Founded in 1997, Alprema has become the strategic partner of the corporations who decide the future of the manufacturing industry, offering comprehensive solutions to problems of the maquiladora industry in design, automation, machining and retail of metals, plastics and engineering solutions accessories.

Automate processes for the manufacture of parts for motor vehicles is one of the most important activities in this 100% Mexican company certified in ISO 9001:2008.

All our divisions and departments work under the same roof in our own 36,000 square foot facilities. This multi-level collaboration as a great team led us to provide outstanding support to our customers.

We define and practice values that bind us to our community and our employees. We not improvise: our personnel averages 10 years working with us.

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