Welcome to Alprema

Founded in 1997, Alprema has become the strategic partner of the corporations who decide the future of the manufacturing industry, offering comprehensive solutions to problems of the maquiladora industry in design, automation, machining and retail of metals, plastics and engineering solutions accessories.

The American corporations who have chosen us as estrategic allies, now have the option to receive immediate response in their country with the same commitment to quality that distinguishes us since 1997.


To provide service and solutions to Maquiladora Industry problems in Design, Automation, Machining and retail of metals, plastics and automation accesories.

What we offer

Guaranteed Results and Satisfaction

In Machining, we deliver inspection sheet with all manufactured parts. If the material doesn't meet the customer specifications, we guarantee a replacement within 48 hours. In Automation, we provide a 1 year standard Warranty and up to 2 years of Special Warranty. This Special Warranty covers any manufacturing defect or operation fail of equipment built by Alprema. For the components not manufactured by us, which has been integrated into the equipment we develop, we attach the manufacturer's warranty for the customer or end user.

Metal Structures and Welding

All metal structures for support and operation of the equipment we design and build, are manufactured internally. The area of structures complements the design of automation with materials and finishes which guarantee an ergonomic, efficient and long-lasting operation. The quality, as well as the design, is comprehensive.

Quality control

The Quality Control Department oversees the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and the strict comply to customer specifications in Machining and Automation. Our tolerance is among a few mils, to fully comply with the high standards of the industry we serve. We have CMM equipment (Coordinate Measuring Machine).

  • Optical comparator shadows.
  • Optical comparator video.
  • Microscope.

Carlos de la Rosa

Automation Department

Experience After working more than 20 years in sales, he joined Alprema in 2010 to meet the needs of customers for automation projects. Carlos is responsible for the quoting, monitoring and support for the automation projects carried out by the Automation

Nicolás Borrego

Engineering Metals and Plastics

Experience He joined Alprema in 2005. Prior to oversee the Metals and Plastics Department, Nicolas worked in grocery sales for 12 years. He is responsible for customer service and he is always willing to help and advise all those who require custom-sized

Roberto Delgado

General Coordinator

Experience Roberto’s over 20 years experience in manufacturing and quality control shows in his demand for precision and quality in machining work. He joined Alprema in 2007 as coordinator of the Machining department to ensure we exceed customer req

Angélica Martínez


Experience She joined Alprema in 2014, with 7 years of experience in sales and service to maquiladoras. Angelica is in charge of following up automation projects to meet the customers requirements with added value and quality. She attends guarantee claims

Abel Soto

General Manager

Experience After seven years as a supplier of machinery and equipment to the maquiladora industry, he founded Alprema in 1997 with his brother Joel Soto, aimed to provide automation and machining services to customers in Mexico and the United States. Sinc

Jorge Serrano

Sales Representative

Experience Since 2001, Jorge serves Machining customers to know their needs and help them solve their problems. Thanks to his previous experience of 18 years in machining, both as equipment operator and serving customers, Jorge knows very well the secrets